Our Loyalty Program

How Does a Loyalty Program Work?

We’re so happy to have you as a family member, we will appreciate your loyalty by giving you discounts and points!
The points system focuses on the principle that the more you spend, the more points you get in return. Every time you make a purchase, you get a certain amount of points depending on how much you spent.

Join Barakat Club.

It Is Free, Fast, and Simple to Join!

The program is completely digital, just follow the below simple STEPS!

Step One

Go to barakatrestaurant.com
and click on any of “order online” buttons

Step Two

Click on login/register­­

Step Three

Enter your name, email address, phone number and provide a password

Step Four

Click on JOIN!

If you already are a member just log in through our website and check your points!

Barakat Restaurant's Loyalty Policy

Just by being a member, you’ll receive discounts and points

You earn 1 point for every $1 you spend online.

Every 10 points earned is equivalent to $1.00.

Every accumulation of 200 points becomes eligible for redemption. This means the redemption rate is $20.