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Our Poultry

Our poultry is sourced from Olymel. As a major producer and processor of pork and poultry meats, Olymel requires that its employees and suppliers treat the animals with the greatest respect. Below are some key aspects of the animal welfare policy of Olymel.

  • All of the chicken products used by Olymel are sourced from broiler chicken raised in Canada
  • Canadian chicken farmers implement a national, auditable and enforced Animal Care Program
  • This program covers issues of feed and water availability, density, litter management, health care practices, bird monitoring and environmental conditions among other areas
  • Olymel believes firmly in limiting the use of antibiotics. In 2016, Olymel took a position against the use of antibiotics to promote growth and continued to seek the end of the use of Category 1 antibiotics in both preventive and therapeutic uses, as these antibiotics are classified as critical in human medicine.
  • Since the summer of 2016, Olymel has been able to offer consumers poultry products coming from chickens and turkeys that were raised without the use of antibiotics.
  • Introduce CO2 anaesthetization in poultry slaughtering facilities by 2020 to reduce stress in animals

By 2024, we will require our chicken suppliers to do the following for 100% of our products in Canada and the United States:

  • Transition to strains of birds that demonstrate higher welfare outcomes that meet the criteria of the RSPCA Broiler Breed Welfare Assessment Protocol or Global Animal Partnership (GAP).
  • Reduce stocking density to a maximum of 30 kg/sq. meter (or 6 lbs/sq. foot) and prohibit broiler cages.
  • Provide birds enriched environments including litter, lighting, and enrichment that meets GAP’s new standards.
  • Process chickens in a manner that avoids pre-stun handling and instead utilizes a multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that induces an irreversible stun.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the above standards via third party auditing.

For more information, please visit http://www.olymel.ca/en/social-responsibility/

Our Beef

Our beef is sourced exclusively from Beretta Farms. As a leading provider of beef and pork products, Beretta is committed to animal welfare.
As part of a humane program our cattle enjoy life on Canadian family farms we know and trust. Our cattle have access to graze on lush land filled with green grass, clean water and fresh air with an abundance of space to roam.

  • Raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids.
  • Sustainable program from conception to consumption.
  • Traceable back to their farm of origin.
  • Humanely Raised.
  • 100% Canadian Cattle
  • Third party verification and inspection are required by an accredited certifying body along with a thorough audit trail.